Quick Guide- Munching Paleo Style

I have tried so many diets in the short 21 years I have been on this earth. Weight Watchers, Atkins, Slimfast, plain ol' calorie counting, you name it, I would have tried it at some point. But that's the thing. The clue is in the title- 'diet'. They just don't work. They are restrictive and painful! You feel like you can't go out with your friends, I mean how stupid would you look if you went out to a restaurant and when it came to your turn to order you said with a sad smile, "Just an empty glass for me please", as you pulled out your gross, artificial, meal-replacement shake.
That is the thing that I have grown to hate over the years. So much food is just processed crap. Things that you would think of as being 'healthy' have a list of ingredients, mostly unpronounceable non-foods, the size of my forearm on the packaging! This isn't what we should be putting in our bodies. The answer? A Paleo lifestyle!
Paleo is sometimes referred to as Primal, or the Caveman way, which it sort of is. Hunter-gatherer!
There is plenty of resources online that will tell you everything and anything behind it all, go check out Melissa and Dallas Hartwig over at Whole9, or at The Clothes Make the Girl. Perhaps I will write more on the background of Paleo at a later date:) All I will say is that I believe whole heartily that this is what we were born to survive off of. It is healthy, nutritious, and feels right. We have been too bogged down with corporate influence over our eating habits, especially in the grain department! 
When I eat this way, my symptoms of PCOS improve and in general I feel so much more alive! I sleep better, I work-out harder, and laugh more. It does wonders for your blood sugar levels by keeping them constant which is great news for those with PCOS. By cutting out  those insulin peaks and dips, there is a greater chance of losing weight, ovulating, and controlling other hormones that are affected by this syndrome!
Anyway, here is a brief summary on what you should and shouldn't eat....

Munch on:
  • Animal protein
  • All vegetables
  • Fruits 
  • Fats- Coconut oil, Olive oil, Nut oils and butters, Avocados etc. Not vegetable oils.
  • Nuts and seeds
 Run away from:

  • Grains - remember that corn is a grain
  • Legumes- peanuts fall in this category so no peanut butter!
  • White Potatoes
  • Added sugar
  •  Dairy products- there is some debate as to whether or not full fat dairy is OK in moderation. I try to avoid it, but the occasional bit of cheese is fine by me. Make your own mind up on this:)
  • Soy products
That is the general gist of the Paleo way of munching. I'll add more to this along the way, but for now, this is my mantra! 

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